Funding sources Fundings Research Projects for Excellence IKY/Siemens: Simulation of elastic stress-strain fields in quantum nanostructures (2015 - 2017) IKYDA 2014, IKY, Development of new biodegradable nanocomposite-based polymer of poly (butyl electric) for use in a wide range of applications (2014- 2016) BRIDGE - Unipress Poland, Foundation for Polish Science: Elimination of structural defects in nitride semiconductor layers (InGaN and InAlGaN) used as active layers in semiconductor lasers (2014-2016) ARISTEIA II, European Union (European Social Fund-ESF) and Greek national funds: Nanowire Innovative Light Emitting Devices and Solar Cells- NILES (2014-2015) IKYDA, Greek German collaboration: Tuning magnetism in shape-controlled hybrid nanoparticles for enhanced yperthermia efficiency and heat-activated drug delivery (2013-2014) A.U.TH Research Committee: Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Phase Transformations during Vitrification and Re-crystallization of Glasses containing Toxic Solid Wastes (2013) THALES-EREAEK: Nanophotonic semiconductor devices "NANOPHOS" (2012-2015) LinkSCEEM-2 project, European Commission under the 7th Framework Program through Capacities Research Infrastructure, INFRA-2010-1.2.3 Virtual Research Communities, Combination of Collaborative Project and Coordination and Support Actions (CP-CSA) under grant agreement no RI- 261600: Modeling of Nitride based Semiconductor's Interfaces (2012-2013) THALES-EPEAEK: "Smart" Magnetic nanoparticles probes for magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) (2011-2015) THALES-EPEAEK: Development and integrated management methodology for the treatment and utilization of soilid hazardous wastes (2012-2015) THALES-EPEAEK: Spontaneous growth, properties and devices of nanowires of ΙΙΙ-V semiconductors (2012-2015) ARCHIMEDES-EΠΕΑΕΚ: Mechanical and structural properties at the nanoscale of semiconducting films for opto- and microelectronic applications (NANOMECH) (2012-2015) "THALES-EPEAEK: High Efficiency III-Nitride Semiconductor Photovoltaic Devices (2012-2015) Greek-Hungary Scientific Cooperation"Nickel Metal Induced Crystallization of Αmorphous Silicon" (2012-2014) Research Training Networks, EU: Training Network on Functional Interfaces for Silicon Carbide (NetFISiC) (2011-2015) Greek-Czech Scientific Cooperation: III-V semiconductor heterostructures / nanostructures towards innovative electronic and photonic applications (2011 - 2013) Greek-Turkish Scientific Cooperation: Growth and Microstructural study of porous silicon solar cells in view of increasing their efficiency (2011-2013) "Heraklitos-EPEAEK”: Interfaces of novel III-N semiconductors without polarization fields (2010-2013) ENIAC JU, EU: Large Area silicon carbide Substrates and heTeroepitaxial GaN for POWER device applications (LAST-POWER) (2010-2013) ISΤ- Collaborative Project, EU: Quantum dots III-nitrides as optical signal tranducers for chemical sensors (DOTSENSE) (2008-2011) Research Training Networks, EU: Promoting and structuring a Multidisciplinary Academic-Industrial Network through the hetero-polytype growth, characterization and applications of 3C-SiC on hexagonal substrates (MANSiC) (2007-2010) IDEAS/European Space Agency: Multi-functional thin film coatings based on Nano-structured metallic glasses and COmposites for SpAce applications (NACOSA) (2007-2009) "Electron Crystallography": funded by Nanomegas company, Brussels, Belgium (2006-2010) Greek-French Scientific Cooperation: Study of the reduction mechanism regarding the structural defects of Cubic SiC (3C-SiC) through its crystal growth (2006-2008) YPEPTH-PYTHAGORAS II: Morphogenesis of deformation and self-organization of structural defects in macro/meso/micro scale and nanoscale (2005 - 2007) ARCHIMEDES: Technological management of industrial solid wastes for the production of inert products  (2005 - 2007) IST-ULTRAGAN: InAlN/(In)GaN Heterostructure Technology for Ultra-high Power Microwave Transistor (2005-2008) YPEPTH-PYTHAGORAS II: Growth and study of silicon films for the manufacturing of microelectronic devices of high performance in large surfaces (2005- 2007) Scientific and technological cooperation between RTD organizations in Greece and RTD organizations in USA-ΓΓΕΤ: Process-induced strain modification in strained silicon layers and influence on device performance (2005-2007)   YPEPTH-PYTHAGORAS II: Nanostructured metallic glasses for thermomechanical applications in hostile environments (2005-2007) YPEPTH-PYTHAGORAS II: Mechanical of simulated systems of toxical wastes (2005-2006)   Marie-Curie research Training Network (MCRTN) Proposal No 005583 "PARSEM": Interfacial Phenomena at Atomic Resolution and Multiscale Properties of Novel III-V Semiconductors (2005-2008)   RTN Network: Synthesis and orbital megnetism of core-shell nanoparticles (2004-2008)   "Pythagoras" EPEAEK, Hellenic Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs: Characterization and properties of novel III-V heterostructures- nanostructures (2004-2007) Pythagoras, Greek Ministry of Education: Comparative study of the influence of the growth method on the structure and anticorrosion properties of zinc coatings on ferrous substrates (2003-2005)   Joint Research and Technology programs Greece-Poland: Interfacial phenomena and defect properties of nanostructured materials modeled by Finite Element analysis and Molecular Dynamics (2004-2006)   GSRT PENED01ΕD481: Semiconductor optoelectronic devices in the UV range (2003-2006)   Joint research and technology programs: Greece - Czech: Growth and characterization of self-organized porous arrays on InGaP/GaAs heterostructures (2003-2005)   Joint research and technology programs: Greece - Czech: III-V nanostructures/heterostructures grown on lattice mismatched substrates (2003-2005)   "Heraklitos" EPEAK: Corellation of structure and Magnetism on novel nanostructured magnetic materials  (2003-2005) Joint research and technology programmes: Greece - France: Novel magnetic nanostructured materials for high-resolution magnetic sensors (2003-2005)   GSRT-Greek-Albania cooperation: The study of physical and chemical properties of silver coins of Illyrian King Monounios (the Kreshpan hoard) belonging the III rd century BC and their comparison with the some type coins of Kerkyra, Dyrrachion and Apollonia" (2003-2004)    EPEAEK 3.2.a: Postgraduate Course on Physics of Materials (2001-2003)   Joint research and technology programs: Greece - Romania: Composite biocompatible materials based on hydroxyapatite (2001-2003)    "Heraklitos" EPEAEK: Structural properties of 3C-SiC films grown on Si substrate (2002-2005) European Commission- Promoting competitive and sustainable growth : New cubic silicon carbide material for innovative semiconductor devices (2001- 2004)   European Commission-Research Training Networks: ThermoPhotoVoltaic cell based on GaSb (2001-2005)   European Commission-Promoting competitive and sustainable growth: Flash lamp supported deposition of 3C-SiC (2001-2004)   RTN Network: Correlation of structure and magnetism in novel nanoscale magnetic particles (2000-2004)   RTN: No HPRN-CT-1999-00040: Interface analysis at atomic level and Properties of Advanced Materials (2000-2003)   EPEAEK 3.2.a: Postgraduate Course on Physics of Materials (2000-2001)   GSRT PENED99ΕΔ 320: Physics and Technology of field- emission transistors with GaN heterostructures (2000-2001)   Greek-Albanian Scientific Cooperation: Technological study of Illyrian terracottas of Aphrodite and related ceramics of Hellenistic period from Belesh, Albania (2000-2002) EPEAEK 3.2.a: Postgraduate Course on Physics of Materials (2000)   EPET II, GSRT: Greek Electron Microscopy Center –A Network of EM Laboratories (1999-2001)   EPET II: Disposal of solid refuge containing lead. Management of the resulting residues (1999-2001)   Program of scientific exchanges between Ε.Ι.Ε & C.N.R.S: GaN/Ti  and GaN/TiN ohmic contacts (1999-2000)   Joint research and technology programmes: Greece - France: Study of metallic contacts of wide energy gap semiconductors (1998-2000)   GSRT- Greek-Bulgarian cooperation: Materials for Room Temperature X and gamma rays detectors: The HgI2 - HgBr2 system (1998-1999)   EPEAEK 3.2.a: Postgraduate Course on Physics of Materials (1998-1999)   Program of scientific exchanges between Ε.Ι.Ε & C.N.R.S: Structure and properties of Ti-based metallic contacts on ΙΙΙ-Ν (n-GaN) semiconductors  (1998)   NATO  Collaborative Research Grant: New room temperature semiconductor detectors based on HgBr2-HgI2 system (1996-1998)   GSRT-PENED 1994: Fabrication of advanced materials using powders under high pressure and high temperature (1996-1998)   HCM Network:   Magnetic and Transport properties of novel mesoscopic magnetic thin films and multilayers (1995-1998)   EPET II: GMR Sensors for magnetic field recording (1995-1998)   PLATON, Joint research and technology programmes: Greece - France: Growth of advanced materials using powder metallurgy (1995)   EEC CHRX-CT94-0467: Human Capital and Mobility: Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Interfaces between Crystals with Hexagonal Symmetry  (1994-1997)   GSRT-PENED94: Magneto-Optic study of artificially modulated magnetic superlattices (1994-1997)   PLATON, Joint research and technology programmes: Greece - France: Structure of interfaces between crystals with hexagonal symmetry (1994)   GSRT-PENED1989: Plastic deformation of hexagonal metals (1992-1994)   NATO Collaborative Research Grant: Chaotic electrical behavior and structural properties of TlAX2 and TlBX2 (1993-1995)   BRITE/EURAM: Multilayered Magnetic Materials: Fundamental and Technological Aspects (1990-1994)   GSRT-PENED1987: Cooperation for the growth of magnetic materials (1990-1993)   International Scientific Exchange Program: Greece-Spain-Bilateral agreement: Crystal growth and charactarization of semiconductors for high sensitivity, wide band,  room temperature detectors (1989-1993)   EEC Stimulation ST2J-0289-C: Relationship between physical and chemical properties and the interphase structure in polycrystalline materials. (1987-1990)   Electron Microscopy Laboratory - Department of Physics AUTh